The Complex

Information about Košťany-Teplice Housing

Let us give some insight into the different areas in the Kostany – Teplice Residential Housing Complex. The place is situated in one breathtaking region where you can enjoy hiking in the mountain or nearby the nearest lake. The complex is built to be an independent compound providing everything  within its borders.

Its total size is almost 64,000m², with nearly 16,000m² of communal areas. Inside, you will find all the amenities mentioned above and, of course, green park areas with an overall size of roughly 4,000m². In total, there are nearly 60 exclusive houses of different types and sizes. All of them include dedicated parking spaces or even garages.

The communal areas consist of playgrounds, green fields, and different facilities built to satisfy your needs and preferences. Remember that the complex has dedicated management and security buildings to guarantee comfort and safety. For your convenience, you can see all houses and facilities painted in different colours on the schematic on the following page.



Your safety and one of your loved ones are guaranteed thanks to the many security tools to ensure your comfort and protection. The entrance gate delivers a high level of privacy and control for visitors.


Health Center

In case of emergency, there is a health centre at your disposal with an overall size of 430m². Four doctors care for the residents and their families to feel safe in unexpected situations.

health center


There is an in-house kindergarten to make your life easier and save travelling time and expenses, so you can feel safe about your kids while you manage your business. The facility is spread over 270m², and it accommodates over 30 kids.



There are many integrated amenities and additional facilities like personal parking spaces, bakery, confectionery and more. All of the is adding extra value and increases the level of satisfaction from the complex and everything it offers.


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